Woodlawn Care Center - Newport, NH

Rehabilitation is an essential element of life.  Our rehabilitative services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and a dedicated nursing restorative program.

We provide skilled nursing including for complex medical services: cardiac care, diabetic care, dialysis support, IV therapy, pain management, respiratory services, stroke care and wound management.

We also offer other specialized services to our residents and families who need them: hospice care and mental healthcare services.

Medicare benefits are available to millions of Americans, including those over age 65 and some people under 65 who are disabled or suffer from permanent kidney failure. Our entire facility is able to accept residents with Medicare benefits.

Medicaid benefits are available for people with limited means. Eligibility requirements vary from state to state, but this is an option for eligible low-income patients in need of long-term nursing care, and our business office will help you determine if you are eligible.

Veteran’s Administration (VA) may provide coverage for long or short term care if eligible. Woodlawn is contracted with the VA to provide services to eligible veterans.


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